15 September-Today's All facts
1971 - Inmates seized Attica State Correctional Facility

Inmates seized Attica State Correctional Facility (N.Y.) and held several guards hostage. They issued a list of demands which included coverage by the state minimum wage law, better food and no reprisals.

1987 - Boxer Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns wins title in five different weight classes

On this date in 1987, the famous boxer Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns becomes the first Black man to win boxing titles in five different weight classes.

1978 - Muhammad Ali wins heavyweight title for third time

On this date in 1978, Muhammad Ali, was the first black prizefight to gross more than a five-million dollars gate in the bout at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Muhammad Ali won in a 13-round unanimous decision and became the first to win the heavyweight title three times.

1969 - Large-scale racial disorders reported in Hartford, Connecticut

On this date in 1969, Large-scale racial disorders were reported in Hartford, Connecticut. Five hundred were arrested and scores were injured.

1964 - First Black Elected Officials in Alabama in twentieth century.

On this date in 1964, Rev. K.L. Buford and Dr. Stanley Smith were elected to Tuskegee City Council and became first Black elected officials in Alabama in twentieth century.

1963 - Church Bombing in Birmingham

On this date in 1963, Four Black girls killed in bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

1945 - Jessye Norman: Opera singer is born

ON this date in 1945, Jessye Norman, one the worlds most respected opera singers was born. Jessye was known for her stage presence, vocal range, and her ability to convey emotion.

1943 - Actor and activist, Paul Robeson, portrays Othello for the 296th time at New York

ON this date in 1943, Actor and activist, Paul Robeson, portrays Othello for the 296th time at New York City’s Shubert Theater.

1923 - KKK activities effects Oklahoma

On this date in 1923, Governor said Oklahoma was in a “state of Virtual rebellion and insurrection” because of KKK activities. Martial Law was declared.

1898 - National Afro-American Council was founded

On this date in 1898, the National Afro-American Council was founded in Rochester, New York. Bishop Alexander Walters of the AME Zion Church was elected president. The organization proposed a program of assertion and protest.

1895 - Chiropractic is launched

On this date in 1895, D.D.Palmer the founder of Chiropractic adjusted Harvey Lillard an African America in Davenport Iowa. Mr. Lilllard was deaf and told Mr. Palmer that he lifted something and heard a cracking sound in his back, (Lillard) stated that his hearing was lost after that happen. Mr. Palmer felt his spine a pushed on what he believed to be a misplaced bone, Lillards hearing improved as a direct result of that thus launching Chiropractic.

1889 - Poet Claude McKay was born on this day.

On this date in 1889, Claude McKay was born.

1876 - White terrorists attacked Republicans

On this date in 1876, White terrorists attacked Republicans in Ellenton, South Carolina. Two whites and thirty-nine Blacks were killed.

1852 - Inventor Jan E. Matzeliger born

On this date in 1852, Inventor Jan E. Matzeliger was born in Dutch Guyana and immigrated to the US in 1878. He patented a shoe lasting machine in 1880.

1830 - Philadelphia held the First National Negro Convention.

On this date in 1830, Philadelphia held the First National Negro Convention.

1791 - Early Sermon for Abolition

On this date in 1791, Jonathan Edwards Jr. (1745-1801) preached a strong anti-slavery sermon before “the Connecticut Society for the Promotion of Freedom and for the Relief of Persons unlawfully holden in Bondage.” Edwards was a Congregationalist minister.